A Bio in Brief

IMG_0395Sam has been published in The Louisville ReviewThe Writer’s Chronicle and The Encyclopedia of American Indian History. He received a literature degree from Duke and an MFA in fiction from Chatham University.

Sam became a novelist by way of filmmaking and previously interned at DreamWorks and edited videos for the Smithsonian to distribute to Native American tribal governments.

As an American military brat who attended an economically disadvantaged, rural British high school he quickly learned to be comfortable being slightly out of step.

His time as a military brat also turned Sam into a bit of a nomad. After living in Australia and studying its literature and culture, he migrated on to work for AWP, MIT, Creative Nonfiction, and The Virginia Film Office. He also enjoyed teaching writing as an adjunct with Chatham University after he completed his degree there.

He did not enjoy working as a giant, plush mascot for a pest control convention in Boston but, hey, sometimes you just have to pay the bills, right?


Sam’s Writing Projects.