Carry You to Freedom (103,000 words) is a multicultural, multigenerational magical realism novel – a kind of a Narnia for grownups.

Grace Twomey lives on a homestead in the Australian Outback, breaking horses and dreaming of the wider world. On her 17th birthday, she learns that she is more a part of the world than she had imagined when her parents reveal that she was adopted as a refugee brought by a mysterious man running an international Underground Railroad of sorts. If Grace’s world is shaken by that revelation, it shatters after a militia clad in clay masks ransacks her home and murders her family. Her only choice is to flee into the unknown.

Meanwhile, Flynn Dunne witnesses the same clay-masked militia stealing away maimed and wounded soldiers during the Battle of Beersheba in World War I. He suppresses what he saw, too afraid that if he speaks the truth he’ll be considered shell-shocked and/or demented. But when the clay-masked men pursue him also, he must escape to the other side of the world.

Grace and Flynn’s exiles take separate trajectories: one through St. Louis and New York City, the other through 1920’s Hollywood and into the remotest parts of the American Southwest. After years of wandering, they find each other in the Outer Banks. Sharing their stories, they slowly realize that there are ancient societies warring just beneath the surface of history, and the fight has at last broken into the open. But why do these otherworldly strangers care so much about Grace and Flynn?