We Who Await the Dawn (100,000 words) is a historical fantasy, mystery-adventure novel, with romantic elements

Grace Twomey used to be content living deep in the Australian Outback with her Irish father and Aboriginal mother, but recently she has grown restless and disillusioned with their missionary work. Before she can act on her wanderlust, a squad of violent strangers shatters her world. These clay-masked warriors ransack and burn everything Grace has ever known. She escapes as far as she can: the American Southwest.

Meanwhile, Flynn Murphy witnesses the same eerie legion after the Battle of Beersheba in World War One. They pursue him through Jazz-Era Hollywood and New York City until he finally escapes to the Outer Banks. On its beaches, Flynn discovers his old friend Grace.

Grace reveals that after years of concealment, she has finally stopped running from these unearthly strangers. In fact, she has determined to fully grieve all that she lost while simultaneously retrieving the faith she was taught as a child.  

Flynn is impressed and starts to fall for his old friend, but when the two compare notes, they are stunned to discover that there are ancient worlds teeming with ancient cultures who have all begun to clash with each other in our world.

But why do these otherworldly civilizations care so much about Flynn and Grace?



“My soul waits for the Lord,

More than they that watch for the morning,


~ Ps. 130